A Joy Ride in the Mind

Have you ever been on what seems to be a floating cloud in reality and for whatever reason you’ve gotten to this realm it feels so good and you don’t want to leave? I want to gently remind you of why I think we are placed on illusional cloud realms.

I can remember times in my life where I allowed myself to deal or vibrate on different frequencies that I now know weren’t healthy for me. I would say that I wasn’t my best at all. I was in a state of what I like to call “functional depression.” I wasn’t the typical broken because I figured out how to wear a mask or bandage over my wounds. I figured out how to mask my ugly and silence the screams of deeply rooted pain that I kept inside. I figured out how to play nice and be socially accepted and loved by people.

This kind of thinking often left me in a more disassociated state of being. I would tell myself lies and put off the healing process. I did this for years.

You have to break up with the cycle and not the person. The cycle was me. I was the cycle. I had to break up with myself, and with ideas and fantasies that just weren’t cohesive to my being. I was ashamed of what I had become but didn’t want to face it. I was willing to lower myself to any standard just for love. Have you ever been there? Its okay if you have, that’s why I am writing to share today. Sometimes we seem to lose sight in how vast we are and that makes us forget to love ourselves. Somewhere along the way we forgot our greatness. No matter how much you’ve been through, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to stay there. Join me in the light.

You can only feel things that you allow to penetrate your auric field. If someone judges you based on your past that’s ok because they are judging something that once was and is no longer. You don’t have to associate yourself with any of the ideas that once were. If you used to dance, sex work, prostitution, drugs, you name it whatever your vice was, join me in the light dear. The light doesn’t mean what you’ve done is frowned upon the light is a space of transparency ,the light exist to protect you. The light allows you to know and be in control of your situation instead of it controlling you. The light is a place of peace. A grounded energy field. Join me in this light. You are the light.

I want you to appreciate each stage of your day, your week, your month, your year and your life. I want you to take the good with the bad and combine them for a balanced feeling. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation you’ve been through appreciate it. Financial loss is here to show us that we can not be attached to anything monetary. Relationship loss or breakup shows us that we can not attach ourselves to any human or situation. Attachment is something that we have to find a true respect and appreciation for. Attachment to anything causes suffering. I had the pleasure of befriending a monk while in India and he told me “The only permanence is the impermanence..” That sit different for me. I mean I know that everything is always changing but when it was presented to me like that it made so much more sense. I mean we look outside and notice the moon at her glory and her peak of fullness, but there are so many phases of her that we accept willingly or unwillingly. The seasons, everything around us is constantly changing and to be able to have an awareness of this allows you to in fact be liberated.

Ill leave you with this, I have so much love for each person that has entered my life. These people have all been strategically placed into my life to sharpen my iron to build me for the next level in life. I can remember each bond that I’ve shared and am in the most gratitude for every connection. Each lesson was taken to heart and I know that I am better because of it. I have so much love for you. There are ways that I now show up for myself and others that could never be introduced if it weren’t for some of the people that have crossed my path.

While you’re in your situation and love affair be very careful of the energy that you bring and maintain into that space. Allow there to be room for growth and expansion. Love is not painful, I don’t know why we feel this. Love does not hurt or make you weak and sick. Love is powerful and it should feel freeing. When you go home and love your partner tonight make sure you love them with freeing energy. The ability to let them go is the ultimate love. One day you will let them return to the stars in which they came to you. All love

Thank you for being here rocking with me I promise its never been in vain.



You are what you speak.

Our throat chakra is a very essential powerful potent tool in every day healthy communication. To build, form, and maintain healthy communication this includes self talk, ones throat chakra must be evaluated. There are ways to observe if your throat chakra is open, closed, or hardly working. There are ways to also strengthen this chakra. 

I want to talk about the importance of our throat chakra. We have such potent energy inside of us. Each one of us posses energy that needs to be shared. Sometimes this is in the form of words or sounds. Expressing yourself in an honest open way is proof that your throat chakra is open, and working to its fullest capacity. When our throat chakra isn’t open we lack confidence, and we lack a voice. We hardly feel seen and to add to that we don’t feel heard at all. This can take life threatening turns in ones way of open communication  depending on their capacity to cope, deal, and process with lifes situations. It also depends on childhood and what ways you were brought up. Were you raised in an environment that promoted and encouraged freedom of expression or was it the total opposite for you? What we experience as children effects our adult lives and it is up to us to take matters into our own awareness. 

I mentioned life threatening turns by way of communication because most of the time we don’t realize that we are practicing old and unhealthy ways of communication. Life threatening meaning suffering that we are in fact self inflicting but not consciously aware of it. Wouldn’t you like to communicate openly at your job? Wouldn’t you like to let your boss or manager know what things around the office could use improvement or attention? Wouldn’t you like to have an open “hard” conversation with one of your family members with ease and grace? If this is something that you are interested in continue reading. 

Ask yourself three questions; Am I communicating honestly, openly, and from a place of love? When you can answer yes to all three of the questions your throat chakra is balanced. You’re able to take situations that might be deemed as tough to other people and breeze right through the conversation. You’re able to take charge and give and receive. When you speak from a place of love there are areas of opportunities for growth. When you speak from a place of honesty your words become impeccable and sound. This is a very universal place to be, a place of resilience. Knowing that even when it “hurts” your words are all that you have to honor you by and they must be honest ones.  Speaking openly helps to let others know where you stand and your healthy boundaries. Openly speaking helps to maintain the atmosphere, there are no inferences here on truths. 

If you are in a situation that doesn’t allow you to speak up, the effects can close your throat chakra. If you are in situations that quiet your voice and don’t allow you to speak up, this most definitely can cause your throat chakra to shut down and become stagnant. When dealing with too many situations that don’t allow you to speak your voice becomes weak. Our voice is a muscle. Muscles have to be exercised and need to flexed and maintained. 

Last Id like to offer you some yoga postures to help open your throat chakra 

Standing back bend


Half camel