you are appreciated community.

Thank you.

I want to start by just saying thank you. Thank you for showing up for me. I write content to share with you, and if you weren’t here there would be no reason at all to create any blog at all. I want you to know how valid you are to me. I want you to know that I hear, see, and feel you.

What I mean by that is there are many people that I have the pleasure of sharing peace and time with.  I notice patterns. A lot of people have the same concerns and this is what this blog space is for.

Here is a photo taken of yogi ‘Tic’ by our Photographer: Bomani W.

The attitude of gratitude is my vibration. I chose this space. I reside in this space. I feel safe in this space. I am safe and taken care of in the vibration of gratitude. When I am grateful all things work out for me. It doesn’t feel good energetically to complain and we all have moments that we complain. 

Put your best foot forward. Inner-stand your vibration is in sync with your thoughts. Let us  just be mindful as a collective. If we take some time each day to be mindful we are able to gain value and gain positive behavior. Consistency is key. 

Circling back to putting your best foot forward, For the month of August we will take some time to explore “Guided Meditation” together. If you would like to join me and strengthen your own personal practice I would love that. here is the link you can find us. @8:00 A.M central standard time. Subscribe and turn on the notifications so that you don’t miss any of the LIVESTREAM mediations. 

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Stay gorgeously grounded,




What does it look like to you?

Lately I’ve been in a compassionate mood. To myself first, and this compassion transmutes to all that I come into contact with. One thing about life, it keeps going. If I treat myself with a small portion of compassion throughout the day, at the end it adds up to a big win.

My family, my friends, my home, my car, and everything that I’d known was taken away from me temporarily this same time last year (2020). I’d traveled to India with 300$, a book bag full of un necessary things, and a dream to build my community. I did not see the pandemic happening the way that it did. 

I’d arrived in India at the end of February, it was a leap year, and my little brother Tosh’s birthday. My training was from March 3rd until March 28th. I ended up flying home August 22,2020. 

India taught me compassion. Wow.. so many humans I met. So many people with so much less, and yet, they feed me. I could not understand it then like I do now. I guess sometimes it takes a moment to really process the things that are happening around you. I’d become so accustomed to the way of in one country and to be told that I wasn’t able to travel back home was an adjustment. I admit at first I was excited.. yay I’m in India, and then reality set in. Im in India with little to no money, and the world is basically crumbling. Not one moment did my us flag matter in India. I was taken in as family, and that my friends is compassion. 

I say all of this to say, offer love to you. Offer compassion to you. Don’t wait for anyone to come alone and swoop you up off your feet, no! Sweep yourself off your own feet. Do nice things with and for yourself!. Offer compassion to you, because maybe someone will see the way that you love on you and want to try it.

We heal this world by living our best life. If you live yours and I live mine we will all be fine. 

Until next time.

Xo Adi