Where are the spaces that need attention? How y’all doing? Have you checked in lately? I mean really checked in. That means checking in with the earth that is you. We are constantly on the go. Stillness shouldn’t feel like torture. Stillness isn’t a place of resistance, but a place of clarity.

I invite you to find your stillness. Check in with your body. Check in with your mind. Check in with your heart. Check in with you. What things are you allowing to happen and doing nothing about? What things in your life would you like to address? 

Stillness is tangible today. It takes a few things.. one of them being the willpower. It takes the attention from your mind to want to visit that place of stillness. Stillness is rejuvenating. In stillness your body has time to adjust, adapt, and restore. 

 I invite you to take a deep journey with me into your breath. I will guide you, if you let me. Be open and willing to receive this knowledge.

Please join me for that breath on my podcast episode TITLE :BREATHING 

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