A grind

A grind is possible only if you make it. We are the creators of our own reality. In transit sometimes we take the back seat and allow others to drive our dreams. This has to stop. We have to take responsibility for our actions. We have to hold ourselves accountable and make wiser decisions. This means staying away from things that detour us from our destiny. 

A grind is making that sacrifice. Some peoples sacrifice of staying inside and not going to the mall those few times can set them apart and put them further or closer to the goal. We have to sacrifice, and sometimes that means late nights and early mornings. We have to be willing to give ourselves that same energy and time that we give to the man. Whatever we wish to really pursue we have to be willing to give it our all. We have to be willing to give the grind the best of us. Showing up for yourself is your grind. 

Remember in the grind to show yourself love and compassion because what good is it worth of having the rewards of your success and not being able to enjoy them because of ailments in your body, mind, or soul?

Stay light, until next time.

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