Mind Floss

As we began our mind floss journey I’d like to offer you this thought “It takes a village to raise a child..” Some of your knowledge will come from word of mouth, some from experience, and others from reading other peoples experiences. I want to offer you my own experiences and nothing that I haven’t personally tried or been in close proximity to. We are the “children” and the universe is our village. I like to think very communal at times, and I believe this impacts a lot of  blessings.  

There is a certain way that one carries themselves outwardly that brings you to believe they have it “all together” and then there is a certain way one holds their energy that allows you to know quite specifically that they are balanced. 

Today is about balance. 

The past is a mental place. It is absolutely not a place of the present moment, therefore should require and take up as little space in our mind as possible. It is not something that we can hold or touch, it is simply and idea or recollection. Why spend any time at all on a past, or “the” past for that matter? Past brings pain and unwanted suffering. This is because our molecules and cells in our body have a specific memory. Each has their own specific print like a finger print. Very unique pieces of information stored there. Each event that happens to us good or bad makes an impression or memory in our molecules. When we store too much of the lower vibrational energy in our system we become sick. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually or a combination of them.   

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