Every breath was stronger than my last..

Breathtaking. In one word or less that’s what I would chose. My experience in India taught me a lot. First and for most I want to thank my family, my Baba, my friends, and everyone who helped me get to India. I am nothing without you. 

My first day in India was stressful. Stepping off the plane with a dead phone and in a completely different country was stressful. I was blessed to be there with someone I knew. They had been in India for a while prior to my arrival. We met up in Dehli airport and took a taxi 4 hours roughly to Rishikesh, India. 

The ride was an adrenaline rush for sure. First of off, in India they drive on the opposite side. Number 2, what are red lights? Number 3, they believe in using their horns. Its like their own personal driving language haha! I looked out of my window and could see the Ganga River for miles. This was my first real moment that let me know yes, you’ve arrived. Next, there were monkeys everywhere! Oh my goodness they are so stinking cute, until they steal your lunch! I had never seen wild monkeys. This was everything to me. There were people collecting cow poop and making circle shapes. I later learned that this is sacred in the Hindu culture. I learned that the cow dong is used in fire ceremonies, and other uses. I could smell so many new smells. There were also horses everywhere. The horses weren’t as wild as the monkeys. Most of them seemed to be working horses. They were covered in bells and beautiful fabric. They were big and beautiful. My heart melted. 

We arrived and I was thrilled to be there. Over all my school was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. My instructors were always so helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understood the knowledge. There was an incident that we won’t speak about in detail, but the teacher was immediately terminated. This made me feel safe and heard. The food was amazing. The school was always being cleaned. There was someone who was available for us at all times. The property had surveillance cameras and this made me feel safe. Over all I couldn’t have asked for a better group of teachers to guide me. I will always cherish them. Each of them hold special places in my heart.

After school ended and the lowdown got tricky, I decided it was best that I leave the school. Yes, I left and was on my own all the way across the water. I saw and experienced a lot of things during that alone time. I met a lot of people. Drank a lot of tea. I learned a lot. I shared value moments with people from all walks of life. We shared a mutual appreciation for love. That energy that we all have access to. 

Ill talk a little more about India at a later date. Just wanted to share a little with you all. Thank you for joining. 

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