I am not afraid

Take a moment to elaborate or maybe a few seconds analyze the phrase “I am not afraid.” Take a deep breath, inhaling slowly from your nostrils on the end of the inhalation hold the breath before slowly exhaling through the nostrils. Take a moment and close your eyes and repeat this process. Ask yourself what that means to you. Ask yourself what is there to be afraid of. If and when you form a thought process jump into mine.

I am not afraid to me means living unapologetically. Living out loud. I am not afraid to be in my skin. I am not afraid to wear my hair in kinky coils, in its finest most natural state. I am not afraid to educate myself outside of my “social” or “expected” norms. I am not afraid of the dead, death, or the process in between. There is that moment though. I want to call it hesitation. I feel like hesitation can find its way into the very veins of your mind and  BOOM, a ventriloquist takes over. I feel like hesitation can make or break you. Hesitation and mindfulness are two different things here. In no way, shape, or form am I saying to make irrational  decisions. Hesitation is when you know you have it and you pause. The yes was already said, and you freeze. Why is this?

Let us begin again, and again, and again. Everyday that we spend breathing above ground is an opportunity for liberation. Not being afraid can bring you to liberation. Liberation of the mind, body, and soul. For a while I searched for this place and once I tasted it I loved it . I then  made a promise to myself to frequent this space often. Liberation comes in flows for me. In this moment I am exactly where I am supposed to be. In this moment the lessons that are being shown to me are for me. If I am afraid how will I level up? If I am afraid how will I move forward?

I want us to be strong. I am not afraid to speak up for the next person who I see would really love support. Speaking up and out against unjust things is apart of not being afraid. I don’t want you to become an activist, but when you see someone being mistreated and you have the capacity to stand up and speak out from a place of truth you should. We talk about this world being peaceful and such a good place to be if we could just… Right? It starts with you. You be the example. Do not be afraid. Lead, and trust that you are guided and protected. Lead with intuition, some might call this spirit. Lead with humility. I am not afraid to admit when I am at fault. This takes courage. Apologize often. If there is ever a misunderstanding always offer an apology. Words express genuine emotion, silence also does this. 

I’ll leave you with this you were born into a world naked and taken care of what changed? Are you not still supported by the earth beneath your feet? As I share these words with you I share these words with myself. 

Thank you for listening.  

Photography by: Healer D. Marie

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